Monday, October 13, 2014

Monday, October 13, 2014

Dear all,
     Hello! I hope everyone is doing well. This last week has been so wonderful and I cant believe I have been on my mission like 2 months now? Right?? I am not even sure. We have stayed very busy and are continually being blessed. Last Monday we had our first Zone activity. It was in Park City at President Harmons it was weird getting out of Salt Lake but it was cool. (refer to ridiculous pictures in previous email) Welfare Square on Tuesdays are always just the best. We are able to get quite a few referrals from the members that come through there. We have been teaching Juan this week. We met him during the last few hours on Conference Sunday last week and he is just so great. He is the first progressing investigator I have had so far where I teach face to face so that has been nice. We have taught him twice so far and in planning to get baptized in November! Mary is doing awesome too she is still planning on getting baptized on October 25th still. We have 4 more lessons to teach her then she should be good to go!  She is the funniest person I have ever met. Her sass is unreal and I relate to her sooo well. She has family members who are members of the church and they are super supportive so we love them. I keep forgetting to email about Carlos but he is someone that Sister Cardus started teach right before she left her outbound mission in Houston Texas. Anyways we have been teaching him over the last month and so has Sister Cardus' companion from outbound and he got baptized on Saturday and his wife is going to get baptized soon too. We were unable to skype the baptism but he sent us a picture and we are soooo happy about it. We are seeing so many miracles here and it is a blessing to teach people from all over the world. At first I thought it would be strange teaching over the phone but I quickly got over that when I saw how many people we could keep in contact with. It is soo great!! So the best news of all is that yesterday we got a special little fireside from David Archuleta himself. WUT. They announced it at 7:30 at church and it was real difficult to focus the rest of the day that is for sure. WOW it was the best thing ever. I have never payed more attention to a fireside more in my life. He sang us three songs and gave a fireside talking a lot about his mission and his experience as an artist. I am trying to best to lock my heart on my mission but during that 2 hours it was not easy. He talked about all the miracles he saw on his mission and how much he grew as a person. He says it was the best experience of his life. I could go on and on but I feel so lucky that I came in the transfer I did. Speaking of transfers they are coming up in 2 weeks I think? I am hoping and praying that I get another transfer with Sister Cardus because we still have so much to do and I just love her of course! The mission is so fun. I laugh more here than I have ever in my entire life. The awkward situations that we encounter every day are what I live for. On Saturday we ran into John again, he is the homeless guy that I talked about weeks ago. He is seeing so many blessings in his life because of his faith. He has cadaracks? kaderaks? careraks? kaddieracks? I dont know how to spell it but basically he cant see? Yeah, that thing. He is getting an operation done tomorrow actually and had no way of paying to get there. He does not beg so he was hoping and praying for a miracle. On Saturday we got a call that he was looking for us and he said "I have good news!" He told us that "his angel of temple square" AKA some lady just came up to him and gave him $200 now he can pay to get his operation done. Prayers work. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are aware of all of us, even the homeless and I would say especially the homeless. Christ blessed so many of the poor and needy while he was on Earth and he continues to do so today. I love you all sooo much and I am so grateful for your support. I am so grateful for my mission and I am incredibly blessed. God bless ya'll. Have a good week.
                                                Much love, Sister Leavitt <3
Zone activity in Park City :)

Bang Bang!

Why yes, we have been called majestic in the past
David Archuleta! <3

Carlos' Baptism. He is on the right. We are so happy for him!


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