Monday, October 6, 2014

Monday, October 6, 2014

Dear Everyone,
     I can not believe it is P-day again the weeks are going by faster and faster. I hope all is going well. Welfare Square is soo fun I love the feelings I get serving there. I am eating so much cheese and chocolate milk though its ridiculous. Wednesday was the best day. As a new Sister I have to "pass off" in order to lead tours so Sister Cardus and I were able to do that. Our zone leaders act as investigators and we give them a tour. I wish they were real investigators because that was probably the best tour we ever did. So I guess I am official now because I can lead tours? We got a free coupon to eat at the Lion House and used it that night #fatties. On Wednesday we also gave a tour to 8 people from the local rehab. It was....interesting. They had a lot of strange and off the wall questions but the spirit was still really strong. We ended up at the christus and the whole spirit of the tour changed. They were all tearing up when we bore our testimonies of Jesus Christ and at the end one of them asked if we could pray with them. When I was saying this prayer I was truly overwhelmed and could feel the love that Heavenly Father had for each one of these troubled people. It was really emotional and they wanted to give us their information but they could not because they did not have cell phones. So after that we checked our phone and saw that we had a message that said "We think one of those people on the rehab tour stole one of the sisters phones at the desk." We definitely knew that they did because they were so close to the desk and the phone was just right there. There was nothing we could do about it though and we felt so bad cause we thought that we would have effected them in some way and they just went ahead and stole a Sister Missionaries phone after we had this great and spiritual experience. Plot twist: the next day the guy named Zach returned it because he felt so guilty because we were so nice. It was so awesome. I hope that story made sense it is hard to express through email but it was really cool. We have seen so many miracles this week and were able to get 10 new investigators because of conference! We are excited to teach all of them this week. We get to attend one session each and we got to go to the saturday morning session. It was so awesome to just sit there and be spiritually fed. It is hard for me to adequately express the spirit that was here as a Sister Missionary. It was so tiring we were here from 7:30am-10pm but I want it to be like that every day. I hear it is like that every day during Christmas so I am excited. There were so many interested people that there was not enough hours in the day to speak to all of them. It was also so great just speaking to the members our goal was to spiritually uplift them. We love member missionaries. We are still talking to a ton of hispanic people we were actually in the Assembly Hall where they broadcast conference in spanish. I am able to understand a lot of what they are saying but I cant speak back I am just like "Si, me gusta el gospel." I wish I spoke another language so bad it is such an advantage here. Luckily I have foreign companions. People always stop because they see her flag. Us Americans are such a minority here its so funny. Anyways I am so looking forward to reading the rest of conference I heard Elder Bednar laid down the law on non members. I love my mission it was surreal to be here as a missionary and see so many people I know. We got to sleep in til 9 this morning and I think that was the biggest blessing I have received so far on my mission haha. Thank you for sending my ipod with all my old "apostate" music. I am not sure how I am going to get new music but I will figure it out. I love you all I hope you enjoyed conference time as much as I did. Stay classy Logandale.
                                   Much Love, Sister Leavitt <3
Operation Deep Clean

Happy 29th Birthday to my insane Thai roommate Sister Tan! 

Saturday morning Conference Sesh!

They didn't have our flags so we grabbed ones that were close enough

This is Bob the main Homie! He hangs out around Temple Square every day! We love him!

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