Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Friday, May 22, 2015


It feels like just talked to you guys yesterday! Really good to talk
to you for a minute and have the whole fam on the phone. I think the
rest of Jakes middle school was on the phone too! That's what it
sounded like! :) This week has been crazy cause they usually find out
where they are going outbound on Monday so I was having some major
anxiety not finding out until Thursday. I'm super annoying! I feel bad,
I went into presidents office twice before that. He's just like, "You'll
find out soon sister leavitt..." I asked if he was upset with me and
he said he wasn't and that I remind him of one of his daughters ☺️
Patience is a virtue. A virtue that I am kind of learning Of
course, the highlight of the week would be finding out that I'll be
flying out to Oakland California on June 3rd! Wahoooo! I just know
I'll be procrastinating that packing til last minute. We get like one
50 lb bag for three months am I going to do that? Only by the
grace of God.

Ooh! So, I called Mary yesterday. She is my Tongan recent convert from
Hayward, California. I told her that I would be going to that
mission and she started crying. It was so sweet. She lives within my
mission boundaries and we plan on meeting and hopefully I will be able
to teach her as she prepares to enter the temple this October. I think
I am already seeing the reasons why I got called there. She is such a
sweet person that I have continued to keep in touch with her throughout my
mission. I look forward to when I will meet her for the first time!

We took three mandarin motor coach tours this week and I honestly
wonder how many Chinese Facebook profiles we have been posted on. The
amount of selfie sticks around here that are carried by Asians is mind
blowing. We obviously don't lead the tours cause all we know is
neehow. We just contact those that speak English and teach them about
Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, then we bear our testimonies and the
Chinese sister translates. It's really cool I want a Chinese
companion. I take as many tours like this as possible cause the spirit
is so strong.

I'm so excited for Austin! Please let me know right when he gets his
call so I can be a part of it! I love you all. Thanks for your love and
support. Have a swell week.

Hermana Loveitt


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Friday, May 15, 2015

Buenos Dias,
It was so great hearing from yall on Sunday! It really made my week/life. It also made me realize that not a whole lot has changed. 

Let's see I'm not sure what to report on this week. Oh the other day we took a man from Ghana on a tour. He was so awesome he was like a rich news reporter and he referred! He offered to fly us to Ghana after our missions he said it wouldn't be a problem so I'm excited for that one. It's always been my dream to go to Ghana.😁 I love teaching people from Africa they are so prepared and chill! I was reading on church news the other day and 5 new countries opened up for missionary work! I died I was so happy. It's like Turkestan, ubekistan, turkey, and blah two others.  They are already calling peeps to go there. Maybe you will go there aust. The work is hastening and it's amazing. Once China opens I'm going to lose it.

Our investigators are doing really well....but not really. We are focusing on trying to find more of the Lords elect.

We are teaching a ton of less actives though and that has been really rewarding. It has really helped me to reflect back on my own testimony and wonder why I am even a member of this church. I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon that confirms to me of the truth of this gospel every day as I read it. I read an incredible talk the other day and I am sharing it with everyone I know cause it changed my life it's called "What is the Blueprint for Christ's Church"  by Tad R Callister. READ IT, STUDY IT, USE IT, BREATH IT. It has helped me so much on the square and on chats with people and they're crazy questions. That reminds me he other day a couple asked us if we had our own language. I was like naw lady...we don't. 

All is well here. That's all folks.

Love you dearly,
Sister Leavitt ❤️


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Friday, May 8, 2015

Hey Hey!
I feel like this email will be a shortie because I will be talking to you in 2 days!!! WOOT WOOT.
This week was just as swell as the others. The square is picking up for summer and it feels like there are more Asians here then there are at Disneyland. Chinese motor-coach tours are everywhere and on the days that I wear makeup and have my hair down I am famous!! A lot of the time I feel like I am not even in this country. Especially when I am down in the kitchen and I look at the things that sisters are putting into there mouths + all the smells + all the languages. I was sitting next to a sister eating chicken feet yesterday and I was scared.

We have been meeting a ton of less actives and members in need of help on the square lately. We have been getting their information and then we teach them here and it has been so incredible. One less active in particular named Eric we have been teaching for a couple weeks. He has been a member his whole life but recently went through a really tough divorce and has never been inside the Temple. We took him to the Temple model here yesterday and explained the ordinances that happen there. The spirit was so strong and he was crying a lot. Afterwards we set a goal for him to go inside the Temple one year from now. He said he wants sister Bon and I to be there when he does. It was really special and I am looking forward to that day.
Do you remember Alain from Africa? Well I finally got a hold of him last week. He explained that he has been going through a lot of trials the biggest one being that his house burned down and he lost every thing. He still has so much faith despite everything. He is in a pretty bad situation right now so please keep him in your prayers as he still desires to meet with missionaries and be baptized so he can be a missionary himself.

I have never had a problem with sleeping, and sleeping a lot and you all know that. But I am to that point in my mission where all I dream about is missionary work too. Ill just be contacting people all night long in my sleep and then I wake up exhausted. It is so backwards. On Sunday I had a dream about key indicators, okay. It was weird. Some sisters suggested trying melatonin so I am going to give that a shot.
Ill talk to you in like 36 hours or so. Love you all.
hasta luego,
Sister Leavitt♥
It was a perfect Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Friday, May 1, 2015

Sounds like everyone is doing amazing and I am soooo happy for Aust! I think I am telling everyone I know this great news. That would be sweet if the call came like this week then you can open it when I skype next sunday! My guess is Brazil or somewhere back east or maybe utah lol. I am so upset because it is going to be so hard to find out where he goes through email thats a huge bummer right there. On the bright side I can skype yall though. Thats so impressive that mom and leese have been going without sugar. I think I tried that once and lasted like 20 minutes. I thought I would try being a vegetarian once too and that lasted about an hour.
This week has been great! We have been teaching Trina (the welfare square miracle) and she went to church on sunday. She wants to get baptized asap but unfortunately she is on parole so we have to wait until that is done :( She will just be super prepared for when the time does come. The local missionaries are awesome and are helping her out a ton and we are too :) Robin went MIA this week so we are not sure about him. We are also teaching another guy named Thomas who came on chat a couple weeks ago claiming that the priesthood healed his broken leg and that he can now kick through walls. He seemed really sketch and first but apparently he is legit because we set him up with the local missionaries and committed to be baptized on May 16th. People are funny. I was on exchanges with my Zone leader, Sister Ryan from Australia, on Sunday and we called Lisa (the lady who just got baptized) and of course this was like the craziest call we have had with her and my district leader was there. She was swearing like a sailor and stuff cause this lady at church told her she was short or something. Luckily Sister Ryan was just laughing. I was biting my nails like crazy in that moment I was just like "Are you serious right now Lisa? CAN YOU NOT." Yeah the people I have taught my whole mission just crack me up. I seem to attract the crazies and I love it.  
This week I hit my 8 month mark. That's all I have to say about that.
So I have been studying the second coming this week more than I have studied anything in my life probably and it is blowing my mind. I know that the Lords work is hastening for a reason and it is a blessing to be apart of it. I love and miss you all and really look forward to virtually seeing your beautiful faces soon.
much love,
Sister Leavitt♥
 Sister Piutau from Tonga/California

Sister Bon and I in the Assembly hall

Americas next top sister
Climbin in yo tents snatching yo Old Testament prophets up.

Lisa got Baptized! Warning: Don't call her short!