Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday, October 27, 2014

Well this was a great week full of many many miracles! It was the last week of my first transfer. What the heck? That 6 weeks went by so fast. I am still technically in training for another transfer though. This morning we had transfer conference and I found out that I am staying with Sister Cardus! YAYYY. Same companion, same district, same zone, same assignment, same mission, same life. Thank goodness. I am so happy about this and I know that this next transfer is going to be really great. So this was our last week of Welfare with Sister Bailey and Sister Brooks. Sister Bailey is going home :( This new transfer since things are slowing down for winter Sister Cardus and I are the only companionship at Welfare Square. We are excited to be staying there but we find that the best success we have is when we are actually on the square. We were on the square all day on Wednesday and got 7 new investigators in one day. It is really such a blessing to serve here because the people that come here are so prepared for the gospel. They say that something draws them to come to Temple Square and they love the spirit that they feel here so it is such a great opportunity to serve on sacred grounds every day. I have such a firm testimony in pass along cards you guys. On Wednesday I was on the phones and I got 3 callers in a row who had received pass along cards, wanted a Book of Mormon, and wanted to meet with the local missionaries and keep speaking with us. One of those ladies that called in was Stephane from Crockett Texas. She called because her boyfriend of 22 years received a pass along from the Elders and she said the holy spirit prompted her to call. She has a really strong southern accent and it is really hard for me not to laugh over the phone sometimes because she says the most hilarious things but I don't think she is trying to be funny. She is so prepared for the gospel. We have been talking with her every day since she called. She says she wants to finally get married so she can be baptized. We extended a baptism invitation to her yesterday and she accepted to get baptized later this month! Heavenly Fathers children are so prepared to hear the truth of the restored gospel it is a privilege to get to teach it every day. Like I said this week was full of many miracles. We had a goal this transfer to get three baptisms and before this week we only had one. We have been teaching Jesus all week here on Temple Square and he got baptized on Saturday and we were able to go! Saturday was probably one of the best days of my mission so far. The baptism was in South Jordan so it was like 20 minutes away. I had no idea where we were going and we had these crappy directions on how to get there haha. We showed up to what we thought was the right chapel but there was some kind of Halloween fiesta going on in there! We were so tempted to stay but we decided that we should ask someone if they knew where the baptism was. They said it might be in the chapel down the road so we tried that and found that there was another Halloween party going on at this church building but the baptism was there too so we made it on time! It was a very small baptism with about 12 people but it was the sweetest thing ever and the spirit was so strong. So crazy story, during the baptism not before but DURING the baptism service Jesus' uncle asked Sister Cardus and I if we would go up and sing a musical right then. Like don't prepare, don't even look at the hymn book, like get up right now and sing in spanish okay, ready GO! Of course they chose a hymn that was not even in the English hymn book so I did not even know the tune. I am pretty sure it was a train wreck but it was still a great experience I am glad I did it. Y.O.S.O (you only serve once.) The baptism was beautiful and Jesus was just so happy we came! It was such a special experience. We are looking forward to Skyping Marys baptism this Friday! I will let you know how that goes next week. It was so good to see Grandma and Grandpa Leavitt yesterday they said that the funeral was really beautiful and that Grandma Austin left this world with a smile on her face. That made me incredibly happy. I am so grateful for the knowledge that we have that families are forever. One of my favorite things here on Temple Square is the Temple Model I love taking people there and explaining the sealing rooms. I love seeing the reaction on peoples faces when they hear that their families can be eternal for the first time. I am so grateful for all of you and your support. I love you all have a great week!
                                                  Love, Sister Leavitt <3
Sister Bailey and Sister Brooks last days at welfare square

So cute...

Okay this was the best thing of my life. On Saturday morning like 8 Asians came into the South visitors Center and each wanted to take 3 different pictures with me! Because I am blonde, I guess? This one was my favorite by far!! :) Hahaha I felt like a celebrity
Jesus is baptized! Best day ever!!!

They always ask me to play for MoTab!

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