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Friday, December 11, 2015

Hello all!

This week I have been sicker than a dog. All week I would try to go to the square but then I would throw myself into a coughing fit somehow and embarrass myself. For example we were showing some people a video called "gods plan" and it was just finishing up and we were about to go up to talk to the people about it when all of a sudden I got this massive tickle in my throat. It was unbearable! I was trying to hold back my coughs but then tears started leaking. So when I went up to talk to them I had to improvise.  I just said "this video gets me every time" and tried to bear my testimony in between coughs. My comp could clearly see that I was struggling so she took over from there. Then one of them gave me a cough drop so that was nice. It was cherry flavor. So yesterday Sister Poulsen told me to stay home ALL DAY it was my first time doing that on my mission and I thought I was going to die. I felt so unproductive and I have seen the Joseph Smith movie way too many times. When I got back to the square today, I was so happy to see everyone and it had only been one day, haha! People even said they missed me yesterday I felt so loved. Definitely not ready to leave yet or maybe ever I love this place too much. 

This transfer is already over and I am getting a new next week cause I guess sister Mahoney is finishing her mission or something, how rude. I'm getting my first Asian companion Sister Fong from Hong Kong. What a fun little rhyme. Now I have officially had a companion from every continent excluding Antarctica. Oh yeah!! I know I didn't technically go to a foreign mission but I basically did, ok? 

Fred is coming tomorrow whoop whoop! Give you the deets on that next week.

All is well ya know. The church is so true. Hopefully we are all looking for opportunities to serve one another. Like if you happen to come across a choking sister missionary, give her a cherry flavored cough drop. Service is the best birthday present we can give to the savior! Love y'all.
-Sister Leavitt

We recreated the Nativity. I am a sheep.

Assembly Hall

This guy is from 'Singles Ward' and other Mormon films. He was flattered that we recognized him.

I mustache you a question but I'll shave it for later!

"Sister Leavitt, someone is here that went to Prom with your brother." Sister Henry is on her way to a visitor center mission so she came from the MTC for a tour.

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  1. Oh Erin, you are the cutest sheep ever! I absolutely love your posts each week! What a JOY you are! Love you! Thank you so much for serving!
    Sis. J