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Friday, December 4, 2015

Que tal

This week was swell but not much new to report on. This transfer is only five weeks so the sisters can be home before Christmas. My comp is one of those sisters going home in like 2 weeks and she keeps singing "I'll be home for Christmas" and "There's no place like home for the holidays" in my face. Nice huh? Haha it's cool. I'm not bitter I sing "called to serve" back. Anyways they are starting transfer planning so we had zone reports with president and sister Poulsen and discuss the zone and what should happen next transfer. I was nervous so my nails were nubs but it wasn't so scary. I hate doing grown up mission stuff sometimes. I wish I was in training my whole mission. 

The best news of this week is that Fred Lazo (The Lords recent convert as of October) is coming to visit me next weekend! We are going to go out to dinner with the elders that baptized him ☺️ He is the realest I can't wait to see him again. He's like way solid in the ward he already has a family history calling and just completely dominating life so it should be good. 

The square has tumble weeds blowing through it during the day then at night, I loose my comp in the crowds. We close the square later at 10 so we be breaking curfew every night. Jk it changed for the mission. Then we wake up at 7:30. I actually like it better. It doesn't seem as brutal. It's is so fun! The Christmas spirit is strong with this one. If y'all haven't seen the new videos, go to the website and check them out! I'll let you in on a secret, there's actually a second video besides A Savior is Born. It's pretty legit! It's about what the world would be like without a Savior. Pretty scary thought! But thankfully "God so loved the Word" and stuff.

All is well here. Te amo and mucho gusto.

-Sister Leavitt 

Our MTC district

Sister Mahoney and I

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