Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Friday, December 18, 2015

This week was insane in the membrane. 

Last Saturday, lets talk about this, it was probably one of the best days of my mission cause FRED CAME to visit me and he brought his whole flippin branch with him. He is so awesome I can't even explain! He got baptized like 2 and a half months ago and he has already been baptized for all of his immediate family that passed away. He is just way too nice saying a ton of sweet stuff to me I didn't deserve. The relief society President in his branch was with him and she started crying when she meet me and was just thanking me so much. It was a little uncomfortable but really kind at the same time. She said, "Every soul is great in the sight of God sister." I was like "aww, I know right?" We talked for like 2 hours haha! He is thinking about moving here to Utah. He really likes it here. He is wanting to get his endowment soon too and is preparing for that. Anyways, it was just cool definitely feel really blessed.

Sister Mahoney went back to OH Canada on Tuesday. She left at like 5am I think? It was so weird she just like got in the car and left and I was like, "wait companion you left me waaaiittt comp nooo wait noo comp wait nooo dont go!" I was thinking that in my head. So I didn't have a companion until wednesday waiting for Sister Fong to get back from outbound. So I went and got my nails done, went to a movie, and had a girls day all by myself. Just kidding I was in a trio with my roommates and we did missionary work. 

Then my beloved new comp and Hong Kongian came on Wednesday back from the icy tundra of Wisconsin. Sister Fong is great! She loves me and I don't know why. She thinks I am hilarious and I don't get it but I won't complain. She reminds me of my trainer, super hard working and fun. We are ZLs over the same zone as I was last transfer so we are in charge of Guest Services. We did a training yesterday. It can be pretty brutal explaining that crap (scheduling tours, taking calls, sending emails) to sisters who have never served there but we tried to make it as painless as possible and we brought food so it was a success. We go with them for their first shifts and they get it more that way. Also the mission department came to our mission yesterday and introduced the Area Book app. They trained the leaders of the mish and we are training our zones on it. Its all fancy and technical. We have our planners on the app too and TBH I'm not a huge fan. I like my old fashion planner but I guess its mandatory so okay I'll do it.

So I have been teaching a man named Javier since January and he is finally getting back to church and working towards baptism. It is because we started reading the Book of Mormon together and heck ya that book is powerful. Turns out its true! He said he will be baptized before I go home.

I feel weird saying Merry Christmas cause I still feel like its March. The lights are on here though and I went to the MoTab christmas concert yesterday so apparently is Christmas time. Its so special to be here on Temple Square for my second Christmas. I know that #ASaviorIsBorn and that He lives! Talk to you next week! Love ya

-Sister Leavitt

Fred came to see me!

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  1. Each letter you send is so inspiring. The story of Fred brought tears to my eyes, which according to my kids is an easy thing to do. Oh Erin how I love you and so appreciate all you are doing. Love and Merry Christmas from the Jacobsmeyer house!