Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Friday, January 22, 2016

Greetings loved ones!

It is way too much fun being with my Chinese comp. We are SO different it's unreal but we still get along super well. She is the easiest person to scare on the planet. I scare her at least 3 times a day and she usually ends up on the floor. I love doing things that confuse her. The other day, I threw a pine cone at her. She didn't really react so I asked her to throw one back at me. She said she would never do that so I started picking up pine cones and throwing them at myself. She was in tears laughing so hard and then she said "you have mental problem" haha! The sisters in our zone have rightfully named her President Fong and we all give a big dramatic salute when she walks into the room. She says she doesn't like it but I think she secretly does lol. For some unknown reason my companion still loves the crap out of me and cries every time we have to go on exchanges. I can't even talk about going home cause she gets the saddest most Asian look on her face and says "don't say that." I ❤️ my Asian.

We have been working with some elders in one of the salt lake missions. These elders got thrown into the mandarin program like a month ago and I think I know more mandarin than they do. Sister Fong (and me I guess, but not really at all) have been helping them with their mandarin investigators. They come by the square a few times a week and sister Fong translates and helps out. I haven't taken too many language tours since the beginning of my mission so it's been really neat doing that again and remembering the language of the spirit to guide me to what I need to say. It's really cool getting to work with the salt lake missions as we all have the same purpose in helping our brothers and sisters come to Christ.

The new mission president and his wife are the realest. Sister Risenmay is awesome! She came into guest services the other day and talked to me for like 30 minutes. When she left she said "look, I can still do a heel click." Then she did the most spectacular heel click I've ever seen. #LifeGoals

Ooh side note, I met Elaine S Dalton at Smash Burger yesterday. She came up and talked to us and I was like hold the phone she looks familiar. Turns out her voice is not always like that. Kind of wish I got a picture but oh well.

The church is true folks. Have a swell week and in remembrance of Elaine "you can do hard things but with the Lord you can do ALL things" ❤️

Sister Leavitt


This is how serious my comp gets when its raining!

Sleeping Fong

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