Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday, November 10, 2014

Hey Everyone,
     First off thanks so much for the birthday love! It was a good day! I cannot believe I am 21 though....ew so old. I got spoiled by my companion, roommates, and other sisters here. My day went like this: missionary work, eat at tucanos, missionary work, eat cupcakes, missionary work, eat at kneaders, missionary work, eat cake. I think I gained 21 pounds.This birthday was much better than the last considering I got to do missionary work and I did not have to clean any toilets. Win, win.
     Guys, I am getting so cultured here. We had exchanges twice this week so on Thursday I was with Sister Xu from China, and on Saturday I was with my District leader, Sister Truscilio, from Italy. It is so interesting spending a entire day with somebody from a different country. You all should try it sometime. I am learning so much! My english is tested every day. "Sister Leavitt how do you spell _____?" "Sister Leavitt what are boogers? (no joke)" It is so hard not to laugh in these situations. Oh and when I was with a Mandarin tour with Sister Xu I had to get a picture with one of the guests because "I look like Eve." Every day here is an adventure even though I am on the same ol' square the people are what make the difference. These sisters here have the most incredible stories and I truly admire them. A large majority of the Sisters here are the only members in their families and they chose to serve missions simply because of the great love they have for the Lord. So inspiring!
      I am definitely learning the importance of being bold. This is something that is difficult for me at times because 1. I don't want to hurt any ones feelings 2. I don't want to offend anyone 3. I don't want anyone to yell at me 4. I am kinda a whimp. I have truly gained a testimony of being bold with people and letting them know about the truthfulness of this gospel! This is the most important thing they will ever hear and I have been called of God to be an instrument in his hands and to teach His children. We have been so blessed this week again and because Sister Cardus has been teaching me to just "open my freaking mouth" (tough love) we have been able to receive 12 new investigators this week and we have a baptism this Wednesday. I do not think I have talked about her but her name is Nelly and she is from NY! Sister Cardus was teaching her before I was her companion and she has sort of been an eternal investigator but last week we were able to commit her to baptism and she said, "Okay I will but I want it to be next Wednesday." We were like, "Sure, that works." Nelly is a really special lady. She has been in a wheelchair for the past couple years because she got like half her foot cut off? She said she had an accident but we are not sure how exactly? Anyways she is really neat and we are hoping we will be able to skype the baptism!
      Something I would encourage you all to do this week is read the conference talk that was given last conference by Jorg...something? I do not remember his name or what it was called but I do remember that it like changed my life, so read it! I love you all and I am so grateful for your support. Sick of hearing that yet? Bye now.
-Love, Sister Leavitt <3
"Act Drunk"-Sister Cardus. My first drink as a 21 year old! Brazilian lemonade!

Happy Birthday to me :)

Sister Tan made me a cake! She's just the best!

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