Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday, November 17, 2014

Hey hey,
     How is every one? Everything is good here and really COLD! I am so sick of being cold all the time I feel like I was just in Winter in Rexburg. There is no escaping it!
     It has been a really busy and crazy week but once again it has been a week of miracles. Last Tuesday I think is when we found out that we had some unwanted visitors staying in our apartment. Who might those visitors be? Oh, just an infestation of BED BUGS that's all. So nasty!!!! We had to have these professional sniffing dogs come in and bark at them and stuff, then we have had to basically move out of our rooms so they can detox it. I am not a genius by any means but the root of the problem might be stemming from the fact that we get our mattresses from DI? Haha it has been interesting for sure but all is well in Zion.
      Things have been getting pretty busy at Welfare Square because of the Holiday season. I love filling orders there and hearing peoples stories, like I have said before it is extremely humbling.  We send people over to Temple Square and help them feel of the spirit there and that always lifts their spirits whether they be members or nonmembers. The lights and Christmas decorations are already up but the lights will not turn on until the day after Thanksgiving. We have been doing "Christmas Training" over the past couple days because apparently it is a zoo here from like 5-10 at night.
They say it can take an hour just to get from one visitors center to another and they have an average of about 17 lost children a night. Naturally I am super excited!
      So Nelly did not get Baptized on Wednesday because it was kind of a random day to request in the middle of the week but she did get baptized on Friday and we got to skype it! It was so so amazing. There were a lot of people in attendance and she has an awesome ward supporting her. It was so great to see her and once again put a voice with a face. I cannot describe it because I love these people I am teaching and some of them I have never seen face to face. Once I see them I just love them even more. She was so happy and she gave a beautiful testimony. Unfortunately we did not get a picture with her because the Sisters in NY abruptly ended the skype sesh but thats ok :(
       I need to tell you about Charles. We met Charles on Friday when he was walking out of the Joseph Smith movie. He is a retired black baptist preacher and he has the most tender heart of anyone I have ever met. We asked him about the movie and he said "It was okay" and he wanted to learn more. We got his information and set up an appointment with him on Saturday. It was the best lesson of my life. This man is so in tune with the spirit. He is one of those "golden investigators." Everything we would explain to him about the restoration he would just nod his head and say "thats true," and then explain it back to us better than we explained to him. He is blind in one eye and is starting to go blind in the other so he cannot read the Book of Mormon but we set up the app on his phone and showed him how he can listen to it. He is just the coolest person I can't explain it. He is so chill and in tune with the spirit its like he is seeing Lehi's vision 24/7. Long story short he committed to be baptized on December 6th. That makes 4 baptisms this transfer. The Lord has truly blessed us! Oh yeah I forgot to tell you that Tim another one of our investigators in getting baptized this Sunday he is from North Carolina and he is just the biggest grandpa hick but we have been teaching him since my first week and he has committed to be baptized.
       I have really learned the importance of obedience. I know that obedience brings blessings and exact obedience brings miracles! Sister Cardus taught me that :( So sad that there are only like less than 3 weeks left in this transfer :( time flies! I love you all and go pirates! Lets win this year, eh? Bye nowww.
-Sister Leavitt <3


Everyone was making fun of me because they said I was dressed like Waldo and I was upset! ;( Haha

I am actually a really good companion. I made her a dinner of a half a muffin, a slice of cheese and some carrots! Muy delicioso!

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  1. Love hearing about the work there! Erin, you are amazing. So happy to read all about what you are doing. You are loved here in the Jacobsmeyer house!