Monday, December 1, 2014

Monday, December 1, 2014

Hey Fam,
I never know how to start these letters but it has been another amazing week!
    I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving. Mine was really good. A stake in Bountiful was assigned to have all us Sisters for Thanksgiving. We didn't know it until we got there but we actually got assigned to the Stake Presidents house so I guess we were really lucky. His name is Dan Lake and his wife's name is Chris. It was their "off year" for Thanksgiving for all their kids were at the in-laws so they were really happy to have us. They said they were going to send you an email of a picture we took but I don't know if they did yet. It was just me, Sister Cardus and another companionship of Sister Steenhoek (Kaylee's roommate from college) and her companion Sister Chau. It was really nice and relaxing we just talked a lot and after dinner we watched Ephraim's rescue. We were there from 12-6 but I wish we could've stayed there forever it was so nice. I miss being in homes and stuff. I know that there is nothing that will make us happier faster than counting our blessings. "There is one thing we can do to make life sweeter...we can be grateful" -Dieter F Uchtdorf.
Here's a list of things I am grateful for:
1. my mission
2. Jesus Christ
3. my fam
4. home cooked meals
5. my companion
6. my investigators
7. Ben&Jerrys
       Last Tuesday we got the news about the "He is the Gift" promotion. "He" meaning Jesus Christ of course. It is such an awesome title and the apostles (Bednar and Nelson) who put this together were truly inspired. I am not sure if you have heard about it but so far it has been really awesome. It is all based around a video that was made by the church about how Jesus Christ is the true gift of Christmas. I'm sure grandma can tell you about it since she was here but it is kind of the theme this year in all the visitors centers around the world. If you haven't watched it yet you definitely should and then share it with the world! That is what we are trying to do. The church even bought out a portion of youtubes homepage for December 7th. The "He is a gift video" is expected to have millions of views by the end of that day. WHOOP. It is so exciting to be a part of it!
     This week we have been continuing to teach Charles. He is always like 40 minutes early to our appointments its hilarious. He is the easiest person to teach I will probably never get this lucky again in my mission he is just so awesome. Here are some of my favorite quotes from him
1."Love casts out all fear"
2."Life aint gonna be a bowl of cherries"
3."Thats true right there!!"
He is teaching me a lot actually. Like on Wednesday I was reading him a scripture in the Book of Mormon when right in the middle of me speaking he snatched my Book of Mormon out of my hand and said, "Now quote me a scripture Sister Leavitt." He said, "You can sit there and read me scriptures all day but it is not until you memorize them and lock them in your heart that you can truly apply them into your life." uhhh....wut. I just stared at him speechless like an idiot. Needless to say I have been trying to memorize scriptures every day since then. He is getting baptized this Saturday! I can't wait!
       Even brighter than the lights that are here on Temple Square are the people. Most people. I am talking about the people that sing along with us Sisters when we are trying to invite the spirit and the people who absolutely beam when they walk up the ramp and see the statue of Christ. However, I am not talking about the people who "romantically" dance with their significant other while the Christus narration is playing, and that actually happened by the way. I was trying so hard not to laugh when I saw that yesterday. One of our assignments is at the Christus and because of the massive amounts of people we have to let up about 40 or so at a time. We are there for about an hour and I can tell you that there is no greater experience than sharing your testimony of Christ over and over to large amounts of people! I am truly blessed to get to spend so much time here especially at Christmas time.
      I love you all and hope you have the best Christmas. Happy Birthday tomorrow dad, you old fart!
Love, Sister Leavitt <3

Thanksgiving with the Lakes in Bountiful

Sister Steenhoek. Kaylee's roommate from college

This is my district leader Sister Truscilio from Italy!

West 2 District 2!

Gabriella and Johnathon's baptism on Saturday. Check out how tall that elder is!

Our Thai roommates clogged up our sink with their stinky food. Soooo nasty!

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