Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday, February 9, 2015


Happy Birthday on Wednesday, Jibberton! I love you mucho!!

This week was really great! We have been teaching Anthony like crazy but he will not be getting baptized for a couple weeks because he needs to go to church 3 times. He is jumping the gun on a lot of things and he can not wait to get into that baptismal fount...founte?...font?...fant? Not sure. This coming week we have 2 baptisms! One is Jose Luna he is Sister Yunda's eternal investigator who is not so eternal anymore! His wife is a member and has been waiting for him to get baptized for years. He has gone through many many sets of missionaries but Sister Yunda has been able to teach him and touch his heart in ways that no other missionary was able to. Shes awesome! We are very excited for her! This is her first Hispanic baptism. He is originally from Mexico but is currently living in New Jersey (yeah dad!) So we are looking forward to skyping that on Sunday. Can I just say that my understanding of Spanish is like perfecto now! I can sincerely follow conversations. I just can't speak it but I am working on it :) 

The second baptism this week is Yvons! Okay, Yvon is like 73 years old and she is the cutest thing on the planet. She lives in a retirement home and she met the love of her life Richard there (they are getting married in June, so precious.) Richard is a member of the church and wanted Yvon to learn about the gospel. The retirement home that they were in a lock down because there was some kind of virus going around so nobody could go in or out. Richard called in and asked if I could give her the lessons on the phone. The first time I taught her she committed to baptism. I have been teaching her for about 2 months now and it was just 3 weeks ago that she was able to go to church and meet with the local missionaries. She is such a sweet spirit and she can not wait for Richard to baptize her :,). It has truly been a blessing getting to teach her!

One of my absolute favorite people I have been teaching lately is Thong. No, that is not a typo that is his actual name. It is still difficult for me not to giggle every time I say it. Haha, anyway, he is one of the Vietnamese Monks that Sister Garcia and I took on a tour last transfer. He is so hilarious he says he wants to date me when I get home. I say, "Thong you can't date me you are a Monk" and he says, "I told you many time I am man too." He wants to get married so bad and he says he does not even really like being a Monk. It cracks me up. It is so humbling teaching him because he is a super religious person but does not know who God is. It has been a difficult concept for me to understand. I am teaching him very slowly and yesterday he prayed for the first time over the phone. I explained to him very simply how to do it and he said the sweetest most simple prayer from his heart. He is progressing, but very slowly. I know that God is aware of all of his children regardless of their current religion or background. 

Thats all for this week folks. Happy Valentines day xXOOoXOXxxO kiss kiss....little kiss

Sister Leavitt ♥
Sisters from the MTC that are going to visitors centers on their missions come here right before they leave to receive training. I was privileged to train this beaut, Sister Cuenca from Las Vegas. She is going to Portland, Oregon visitors center. VC's rock. 


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