Thursday, March 12, 2015

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hi! Yes it has been forever it seems like since my last pday! My week has been pretty good just getting into the swing of things with the new transfer. Sister Bon and I are getting along great. There is a lot more responsibility this transfer but it is helping me grow in my mission for sure. She reminds me a lot of how I was at the beginning of my mission: could not get up in the morning & hated/didnt know how to small talk with people! She is a year younger than me and she went to school in Long Beach studying music before her mission. She is a really amazing singer/song writer. I read all the songs she wrote and they are really good. We are learning a lot together and working really hard every day. That's awesome that Aust is almost done with his mission papers, that's insane!! I am so happy for him & of course I will keep him in my prayers. Well, I promised my companion we would go take a picture in front of East High which is really close so we are going to go do that but I am going to get back on again later tonight at write more. Mucho love and talk to you later!

Hey, I'm back! Mom, that's so cool that you are going to go out with the missionaries! Have you ever done it before? I can't wait to have experiences like that with members outbound. Let me know how it goes :) So like I said, this week was good but not a whole lot to report on. We have been blessed with many investigators from around the world that are progressing but just not as quickly as they could or as quickly as we would like them to :) President Poulsen has encouraged us to focus on the elect or those who are prepared for the gospel at this time and are keeping commitments so that is what we are trying to do. Last time we talked to Alain he was pretty much in the same boat as he has been but we will keep praying for him! He has a lot of hope that is really inspiring. Here is a part from his emails this week:
I regret the fact that all the church branches in my city are very far from my house , which needs transport to and fro , i cant  afford that and its having a real impact on my faith right now ,i have missed last 3 Sunday church services . Each time its getting to week end i try  to save something small for transportation , there is always another problem which comes up before Sunday that makes me use the money or i dont even get the posibility to save enough . I will continue reading the Book of Mormon , i belive the church is true and i hope you all put me in your hearts and always pray for me .
We are so blessed to live in a place where the gospel is so readily available. Because we have been given this blessing, I feel it is our responsibility to do what we can for those who are not as fortunate! Prayers are the most powerful thing we can do for others!
Wow, I can't believe Nat is home! I am pretty sure I went to her farewell talk like last month? I feel like time every where else freezes when I am on my mission but I guess that is not the case.
The church is true wahoo wahoo!

the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall
see it together” (Isaiah 40:5

Buenos Noches,
Sister Leavitt ♥
We're all in this together!


A snapshot of me romping the VC early in the morn

Sister Bon

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