Monday, March 2, 2015

Monday, March 2, 2015

Buenos Dias,
It has been a great last week with Hermana Yunda! We were able to see many miracles this transfer and meet our baptismal goal. I can't believe that all three of my previous companions will be leaving this Wednesday. Sister Cardoot and Garcia are going home and Sister Yunda is going out bound :( Every time I have seen Cardoot for the last week I cry. I am going to miss her so much. She was such an awesome trainer and I look up to her so much especially now since I recently found out on Friday that I will be training a new Sister! Yaaayy! I am feeling very humbled and inadequate but I am also very excited. I know it will be a great transfer with and only with the Lords help. Transfer conference was this morning and I also found out that I am moving back to my previous zone of South 2 so that means Thursday Pday & Guest services again. I'm stoked to be in Guest Services again but I am even more stoked to not be supply coordinator. It was how you say....the worst? Haha, nahh it wasn't so bad, I guess. I am also moving for the first time to a new apartment complex. Moving is a pain but I am happy to depart from the bed bug apt so its a lose/win situation. I might miss the bed bugs a little bit honestly. I have grown rather found of them over the last 6 months. Hurrah for double p-day this week though.
Last Wednesday we received a special Ipad training from President Clark from the Quorum of the Seventy. That guy is a spiritual giant for sure. The meeting was four hours long and by the end of it I felt like I got hit by a train because I was so spiritually exhausted. He is traveling to 86 missions to do similar meetings for missions using technology. He said that we will never be an "Ipad mission" that we will always be a "Preach My Gospel Mission." The Ipads are just tools to help further the work. Like the Liahona, the tool is not going to work if we do not have the proper faith. Facebook and Skype are going to be especially helpful in this mission as our investigators are from all over the world and the phone lines are a bit sketch. We will have our area books and planners on there digitally with us at all times which is great. We haven't recieved the Ipads yet but I think we will soon. For now we are clearing up our Facebooks and making them missionary approved I guess and preparing ourselves to have them.

I wanted to send you a little piece of what my African investigator emailed me last week:
I have been reading the book of mormom and there are a few things that i dont understand clearly ,i am getting more interested in the teachings of the church of latter days saints but i am not close to any elder member to guide me and explain the doctrines to me . I dream of becoming an elder , pastor or missionary of the church of latter days saints but i see it very difficult to realise this because of my location and condition .I know God can use you to change my life and that of my family , i continue to put my problems in prayers and i know he will see me through . Best regard, Alain
Notice how he only wished me a best regard, singular, not plural. Seriously though this guy really touches my heart. It makes me think how incredibly blessed I am for the upbringing and life I have been given. If I could described my mission so far in one word it would be "humbling." I have really grown to appreciate my surroundings (not all the time AKA supply coordinator complaint) but I am getting better! Thank goodness for the atonement. Nothing has made me happier on my mission than learning to count my blessings and the tender mercies of the Lord. Please keep Alain in your prayers as he desires to be baptized but does not have a proper situation that allows it. "Remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God"-D&C 18:10.
I love and miss you all. Prayers for me training that I won't ruin this poor Sisters life.

Sister Leavitt ♥
North 2 District 2

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