Saturday, April 18, 2015

Friday, April 17, 2015

DEAR MOM and everyone else,
This week was cool but my mind is blanking on what to write about.
It was transfer week and thats always pretty crazy. On Monday we had transfer Conference and I found out that I get another beautiful transfer with Baby Bon. YEAHHA! (pretty much expected that though) We switched zones and Pdays so we are not in Guest Services anymore and we actually have no assignment. This is my first transfer with no assignment so far so that means we have like eternal square time. Woof. We are making the best out of it though :) The standard of excellence that President expects is 7 tours a day and I think this eternal square time will finally permit that. Lets just say my mouth is always real dry from talking so much. Its cool though cause each experience is different. We have met quite a few less actives through tours recently who come back like once a week and we teach them so thats fun. 
Soo there was a blizzard on Wednesday and it destroyed the flowers on Temple Square so thanks a lot mother nature.

Lisa didn't get baptized today but she FOR SURE is next friday and we are FOR SURE going to skype it. We are so happy for her she has grown so much in such a short amount of time. It is incredible to see the gospel change lives.

Thats all for this week I think. I am able to take a lot more pictures now because #ipads. I love you family and can't wait to see you again, except yeah I can wait.
Peace and blessins,
Sister Leavitt ♥
Asians love blondes :)
You mad bro?

The Homie

Post conference. Is planking still a thing or nah?

Snow day in April!

This weather upset me



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