Saturday, April 25, 2015

Friday, April 24, 2015

I am glad you liked the song! My companion is super talented for sure. I can't tell you how many times I hear "I love it!" every day from the sisters. You should put it on Facebook and then she will become super famous.
But woow this was a week of miracles! First off Lisa finally got baptized!! We were not able to skype it though so that was a bummer. She did send us pictures though and we are so excited for her. This is Sister Bons first baptism so it's really special.
So, yesterday something crazy happened. We were covering for Welfare Square which I was really happy about because I love that place. Sister Bon and I were just sitting in the visitors center next to the storehouse waiting for the next tour to come when some lady in her 30's comes in and says, "Hi, I don't know if this is the right place to go but I have been studying this church for months and I know it is true. I want to get baptized. Can you help me do that?" I about died and went to heaven in that moment. I was like "uh uhh uhhh yeah we can help you uhh with that uhhh I am missionary." I forgot how to speak English or who I even was. We got her information and are already in touch with the Elders in her ward. We are meeting with her tomorrow at Temple Square and I know she said some other stuff about herself but I don't remember cause I was so in shock. We plan on putting her on date tomorrow. K thanks Heavenly Father, I know I probably don't deserve this but thanks! :0 It. Was. Cray.
Alsooo, we talked to a man named Robin yesterday on the phone. He is a guy that Sister Bon and I met in the Assembly Hall on Sunday. Actually, she was the one who contacted him and got his information so go Bon! But anyways we called him to follow up with an invitation we gave him to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know that it is true. So we asked him and he said that God told him the church was true when he was at Temple Square and that he had so many good feelings from God about this religion. He talked to his wife about it too and he said that she believes it is true too. We invited them both to be baptized on May 23rd and they accepted. So...yup, yesterday was a pretty great day. God is good!

We have been getting a lot of new investigators and teaching opportunity thanks to this eternal square time. I actually like it though. We still have not met the unrealistic standard of seven tours a day but we are working on it. I also announced for the first time like you saw in the pictures! I was so proud of myself. I finally got the courage to sign up! It was fun. We had a big tour afterwards. Probs cause I'm so charming.
Hey did you know we will be talking again in like two weeks? WOWOWOW time flies. Christmas feels like last month.

I'm so happy for Aust! Maybe he will get called to a Salt Lake mission and we can serve together ;) I love you all. Thanks for da love & support. Ya'll are amazing!

Sister Leavitt ♥

I finally got brave enough to do the tour announcing after the spoken
word! First time!


Lisa finally got baptized! She's so tiny! :)

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