Friday, April 3, 2015

Thursday, April 2, 2015

This week was swell. Womens Conference was great right? Yes, I got to go this time and it was amazing. I feel so lucky to walk across the street and hear the leaders of our church and an apostle of God speak, like what? That does not happen. I really liked the focus on families as well. I told Sister Bon at the beginning of the transfer that my 2 least favorite hymns are "Love at Home" and "Let Us Oft Speak Kind Words To Eachother" because mom would sing those when we were fighting in the house and when MoTab did a medley of those 2 songs we were laughing pretty good. I was just shaking my head, haha. We are so excited for conference! We had a training on it this morning and it really is one of the best times to be a T2 missionary. We are really focusing on uplifting the members. 100,000 people are traveling here this weekend to hear the words of the prophet and I will walk across the street. WAHOO!

Maybe a month ago, I was at Music and the Spoken Word with Sister Yunda. We were sitting up on the balcony in the tabernacle. Someone sitting next to us pointed out that Thomas S. Monson was there sitting all discreetly to the side of the choir. He was under the balcony in a really comfy looking chair where not many people could see. I could just see him perfectly and I got so overwhelmed with the spirit all of a sudden and I just started to cry! I received an undeniable confirmation that he was the Prophet of God. I just sat there and cried for a minute and Sister Yunda was real concerned. I was just thinking how members of the church all over the world sustain the prophet and have full faith and trust in him but will never see him in person their entire lives and he was just sitting not even 100 yards in front of me. I feel so very blessed. The special guest performers were to the side and they could see him. I saw him give them a salute as they walked on to perform. Our prophet is so cool guys. Get excited to hear from him this weekend. I am going to the Sunday morning sesh so look for me :)

We did in fact get iPads on Sunday so that has been kinda weird honestly. We haven't been approved to start using Facebook or Skype or really anything so I don't really see the point but I like them to take notes on a lot better than writing so that is the only plus I have seen so far. The camera is nice too, I guess. It will be so great when we can start skyping our investigators! I will die with joy when that happens. 
Everything is good with Sister BonBon and I. We have 2 investigators on date for the 11th and we are really excited for that. One is named Lisa from England and the other one is Tim who I have been teaching since my first transfer and has slowly stopped smoking so we hope he can hold off until his baptismal date then we are telling him it will get easier when he gets the Holy Ghost. Sister Bon passed off on Tuesday and I was such a proud momma. Mainly because we get a free meal at the Lion House because of it, haha! 

Thanks so much for the package! Holy mackerel it was huge but not too heavy to carry home so thanks! We loved it and I just assumed that the other basket was for S. Bon cause there was no card. The bunny masks are wonderful so thanks :)

Have fun in San Fran ya turds. 

Much love,
Sister Leavitt ♥

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