Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Friday, May 22, 2015


It feels like just talked to you guys yesterday! Really good to talk
to you for a minute and have the whole fam on the phone. I think the
rest of Jakes middle school was on the phone too! That's what it
sounded like! :) This week has been crazy cause they usually find out
where they are going outbound on Monday so I was having some major
anxiety not finding out until Thursday. I'm super annoying! I feel bad,
I went into presidents office twice before that. He's just like, "You'll
find out soon sister leavitt..." I asked if he was upset with me and
he said he wasn't and that I remind him of one of his daughters ☺️
Patience is a virtue. A virtue that I am kind of learning Of
course, the highlight of the week would be finding out that I'll be
flying out to Oakland California on June 3rd! Wahoooo! I just know
I'll be procrastinating that packing til last minute. We get like one
50 lb bag for three months am I going to do that? Only by the
grace of God.

Ooh! So, I called Mary yesterday. She is my Tongan recent convert from
Hayward, California. I told her that I would be going to that
mission and she started crying. It was so sweet. She lives within my
mission boundaries and we plan on meeting and hopefully I will be able
to teach her as she prepares to enter the temple this October. I think
I am already seeing the reasons why I got called there. She is such a
sweet person that I have continued to keep in touch with her throughout my
mission. I look forward to when I will meet her for the first time!

We took three mandarin motor coach tours this week and I honestly
wonder how many Chinese Facebook profiles we have been posted on. The
amount of selfie sticks around here that are carried by Asians is mind
blowing. We obviously don't lead the tours cause all we know is
neehow. We just contact those that speak English and teach them about
Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, then we bear our testimonies and the
Chinese sister translates. It's really cool I want a Chinese
companion. I take as many tours like this as possible cause the spirit
is so strong.

I'm so excited for Austin! Please let me know right when he gets his
call so I can be a part of it! I love you all. Thanks for your love and
support. Have a swell week.

Hermana Loveitt


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