Saturday, May 2, 2015

Friday, May 1, 2015

Sounds like everyone is doing amazing and I am soooo happy for Aust! I think I am telling everyone I know this great news. That would be sweet if the call came like this week then you can open it when I skype next sunday! My guess is Brazil or somewhere back east or maybe utah lol. I am so upset because it is going to be so hard to find out where he goes through email thats a huge bummer right there. On the bright side I can skype yall though. Thats so impressive that mom and leese have been going without sugar. I think I tried that once and lasted like 20 minutes. I thought I would try being a vegetarian once too and that lasted about an hour.
This week has been great! We have been teaching Trina (the welfare square miracle) and she went to church on sunday. She wants to get baptized asap but unfortunately she is on parole so we have to wait until that is done :( She will just be super prepared for when the time does come. The local missionaries are awesome and are helping her out a ton and we are too :) Robin went MIA this week so we are not sure about him. We are also teaching another guy named Thomas who came on chat a couple weeks ago claiming that the priesthood healed his broken leg and that he can now kick through walls. He seemed really sketch and first but apparently he is legit because we set him up with the local missionaries and committed to be baptized on May 16th. People are funny. I was on exchanges with my Zone leader, Sister Ryan from Australia, on Sunday and we called Lisa (the lady who just got baptized) and of course this was like the craziest call we have had with her and my district leader was there. She was swearing like a sailor and stuff cause this lady at church told her she was short or something. Luckily Sister Ryan was just laughing. I was biting my nails like crazy in that moment I was just like "Are you serious right now Lisa? CAN YOU NOT." Yeah the people I have taught my whole mission just crack me up. I seem to attract the crazies and I love it.  
This week I hit my 8 month mark. That's all I have to say about that.
So I have been studying the second coming this week more than I have studied anything in my life probably and it is blowing my mind. I know that the Lords work is hastening for a reason and it is a blessing to be apart of it. I love and miss you all and really look forward to virtually seeing your beautiful faces soon.
much love,
Sister Leavitt♥
 Sister Piutau from Tonga/California

Sister Bon and I in the Assembly hall

Americas next top sister
Climbin in yo tents snatching yo Old Testament prophets up.

Lisa got Baptized! Warning: Don't call her short!

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