Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Friday, May 8, 2015

Hey Hey!
I feel like this email will be a shortie because I will be talking to you in 2 days!!! WOOT WOOT.
This week was just as swell as the others. The square is picking up for summer and it feels like there are more Asians here then there are at Disneyland. Chinese motor-coach tours are everywhere and on the days that I wear makeup and have my hair down I am famous!! A lot of the time I feel like I am not even in this country. Especially when I am down in the kitchen and I look at the things that sisters are putting into there mouths + all the smells + all the languages. I was sitting next to a sister eating chicken feet yesterday and I was scared.

We have been meeting a ton of less actives and members in need of help on the square lately. We have been getting their information and then we teach them here and it has been so incredible. One less active in particular named Eric we have been teaching for a couple weeks. He has been a member his whole life but recently went through a really tough divorce and has never been inside the Temple. We took him to the Temple model here yesterday and explained the ordinances that happen there. The spirit was so strong and he was crying a lot. Afterwards we set a goal for him to go inside the Temple one year from now. He said he wants sister Bon and I to be there when he does. It was really special and I am looking forward to that day.
Do you remember Alain from Africa? Well I finally got a hold of him last week. He explained that he has been going through a lot of trials the biggest one being that his house burned down and he lost every thing. He still has so much faith despite everything. He is in a pretty bad situation right now so please keep him in your prayers as he still desires to meet with missionaries and be baptized so he can be a missionary himself.

I have never had a problem with sleeping, and sleeping a lot and you all know that. But I am to that point in my mission where all I dream about is missionary work too. Ill just be contacting people all night long in my sleep and then I wake up exhausted. It is so backwards. On Sunday I had a dream about key indicators, okay. It was weird. Some sisters suggested trying melatonin so I am going to give that a shot.
Ill talk to you in like 36 hours or so. Love you all.
hasta luego,
Sister Leavitt♥
It was a perfect Mother's Day!

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  1. Sister Leavitt, your letters are a highlight to my day! Love you so much. Appreciate so much the good spirit you carry with you!