Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Friday, May 15, 2015

Buenos Dias,
It was so great hearing from yall on Sunday! It really made my week/life. It also made me realize that not a whole lot has changed. 

Let's see I'm not sure what to report on this week. Oh the other day we took a man from Ghana on a tour. He was so awesome he was like a rich news reporter and he referred! He offered to fly us to Ghana after our missions he said it wouldn't be a problem so I'm excited for that one. It's always been my dream to go to Ghana.😁 I love teaching people from Africa they are so prepared and chill! I was reading on church news the other day and 5 new countries opened up for missionary work! I died I was so happy. It's like Turkestan, ubekistan, turkey, and blah two others.  They are already calling peeps to go there. Maybe you will go there aust. The work is hastening and it's amazing. Once China opens I'm going to lose it.

Our investigators are doing really well....but not really. We are focusing on trying to find more of the Lords elect.

We are teaching a ton of less actives though and that has been really rewarding. It has really helped me to reflect back on my own testimony and wonder why I am even a member of this church. I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon that confirms to me of the truth of this gospel every day as I read it. I read an incredible talk the other day and I am sharing it with everyone I know cause it changed my life it's called "What is the Blueprint for Christ's Church"  by Tad R Callister. READ IT, STUDY IT, USE IT, BREATH IT. It has helped me so much on the square and on chats with people and they're crazy questions. That reminds me he other day a couple asked us if we had our own language. I was like naw lady...we don't. 

All is well here. That's all folks.

Love you dearly,
Sister Leavitt ❤️


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