Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Monday, June 8, 2015

Hey fam! I know it feels like it has been a while. Especially because so much has happened! It has been a little crazy but I am adjusting just fine. My companion is great! Her name is Sister Minson and she is from the beautiful city of SLC! She is 19 and she came out a little after me. I drive a lot and that was sort of scary at first but I am getting the hang of it. My area is Alamo/Danville/Blackhawk. It is on the east side of the bay just east of Oakland. I love it! It is a pretty rich area. I am amazed at some of the houses here. You should see the price of milk at safeway. Oh em gee. These people must be carrying around bars of gold. We are covering 2 wards! Alamo 1st and 2nd wards. So you know what that means? SIX GLORIOUS HOURS OF CHURCH AND YESTERDAY WAS FAST SUNDAY. Whoa. I met a guy that mom went to high school withs mission president? Seriously?! How does that even get around? I met so many people on Sunday that their voices started sounding like the teacher on Peanuts. Wah wah wah waaaahhhh! Things are going so good though I just kind of feel like I started my mission over again cause the missionary work is the same but some things are soo different. Our apartment is fine. Elders lived in it before so its a little stank but I can manage! We just got done playing some sports with my district and it is a little weird being around Elders.  Also, someone stole my card number and was buying some shtuff in Ohio so I don't have a card for like 2 weeks until they get me a new one. Ruff. The only accurate way I can describe my week is I feel like I have been in a washing machine, ya feel?

 It seems like so much happened there too, at least for Aust. 38 DAYS?! That's unreal! Congrats on graduating as well puddin'. That's a day I never thought would come. I can't imagine going that soon after graduation but I think Austin is way more prepared than I was. He will be the best.
It was a big blessing to be able to see you! I want to let you know that my good friend Sister Atchu really opened up to me after that and expressed how much she loved that experience. I know it was inspired that we were supposed to be together during the time that you came. She said she wants her future to be like us. I cried many tears :') She's so awesome.
This week we did a lot of service for the Feed My Starving Children Foundation. It was a really fun experience we were there all day Friday and Saturday packaging food for children in Africa. Gts.
This mission is great I am happy to be here and I know this is where I am supposed to be!
Lova dubs,
Sister Leavitt

Here's my new address if you want to send me stuff :)

Sister Leavitt
4945 Lincoln Way
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