Monday, June 22, 2015

Monday, June 22, 2015

Buenos Tardes,
I hope you all have had a good week. Mine has gone really well!
On Monday we had a zone activity at one of the Parks in San Samon. Sister Sonku from South Africa/Temple Square is in my Zone so it was a joyous reunion to see a familiar face. People there were asking us what we even do on Temple Square and if we get investigators and she just completely sweated everyone by saying that this seemed like a vacation compared to T2. I felt really uncomfortable but inside I was grateful lol. We played sports and the zone leaders called me a couple days in advance to ask me to be a team captian. Of course I graciously accepted such a supreme calling and we were rightfully called the anti-nephi-lehis. I got really lucky with my team and we dominated the entire scene. Everyone here keeps calling me Sister leave-it though and it's driving me bonkers. We do a lot of service in the mornings and that is super fun. We have a couple of old lady regulars and they have us over to water their plants and what not. They have no shortage of plants and water despite the serious drought. These old ladies are like the honey badger. It's fun though! Every Thursday we go to a retirement home and do a crocheting club with three old ladies with Alzheimer's. We crotchet beanies together and they donate them to Guatemala. I'm super into it, more into it than they are for sure.
On Wednesday we had Zone conference in Cache Valley. It was President Merediths last Zone conference. He is leaving in like 2 weeks! I am bummed because he is really awesome and supportive and just real. So I'll be getting 2 mission presidents outbound. On Thursday I had exchanges with my Sister training leader Sister Schaerr from Maryland and it was like the best day I've had outbound so far. I am pretty sure we are kindred spirits. We got four referrals in one day all from different people and a new investigator.
We are asking the members of the Alamo second ward to put together small events and invite nonmembers and us over so we can get some work going in that ward. On Saturday some members invited us to their baby shower cause they were going to have nonmember family there. So we went. I walked inside and was automatically confused because I thought we were just going to a baby shower and the house looked like it was decorated for senior prom. I wish I got a picture of the ENTIRE smoked pig just a lyin dead on the table. Welcome to Alamo, California. Wow! Anyways, we got a couple good contacts out of the event. There are just not many people out and about here. If they are, they are either A. jogging B. biking C. Walking with their dogs. If we ever see the C option we jump at it and start complimenting their nasty slobbery dogs to get a conversation going. I really don't like dogs but every one and their dog has a dog here so I have to pretend I do so they will talk to us. I know lying is a sin but the Lord only asks us to bring souls unto him. We do what we gotta do.
The golden state Warriors won the championship and there were some people celebrating. Which is strange for this town so that was exciting.

We are still teaching Ted Webb two times a week. He has committed to be baptized on July 11th! I could not be more excited for their family. They have four little boys and they are just so happy that their dad is getting baptized. I know that the Lord has a time for everyone as long as they are humble enough to except it.

Well, that about wraps up my week. I know this church is true and I am so happy to be a missionary here. I could use some letters or something though. It gets pretty lonely here not having 200 sister missionary friends around. I Love you all!
bye now,
Sister Leavitt

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