Monday, August 3, 2015

Monday, August 3, 2015

Hey yall.

This week has been pretty crazy in the ghetto of Hayward :) The Lord is continually blessing the missionaries with protection though and I am so grateful for that. I had an interview with President Frandsen on Wednesday and it felt a little bit like he was drafting me to the military but thats okay. He's a spiritual giant and a good guy. 

Something nuts happened. We have been teaching our investigator Michael for about 6 weeks now. He is the one with the WOW problem who almost died coughing up a lung right in front of us. Anyways, he lives in like a crazy house...I dont know how to explain it nicely. It is a house of like 10 individuals with mental disorders. There is a Tongan family that runs the place. I was talking to the owner lady on Tuesday for a while and after she told me her last name I realized she had the same last name as my recent convert Mary. So long story short, Marys family runs that house and Mary actually used to work there but she moved to Oakland. We plan to convert the whole family:) They agreed to meet with us. We will teach them the restoration tomorrow :) The Lord is mindful of all His children. I love being a missionary. It has taught me so much. The church is true!

Love and miss you all,
Sister Leavitt


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