Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

This week I had 4 exchanges in 5 days. I saved Sister Rajah best for last on Friday and it was a glorious day. She taught me so much.
but they are dun now.
Now I actually get to spend time with my companion which has been awesome. We pray we stay together next transfer.
A couple weeks ago President Poulsen introduced his idea for us sisters to prepare for a 5K race that will take place in November. In preparation we have group leaders that take us for a run every morning up the canyon and around the world it feels like. It was cool and cute the first couple days but it has turned into absolute brutality running every morning. This altitude has no charity for the lungs and I feel like I should not have to struggle to receive oxygen as much as I have! In California I could run no big deal cause the sea level was quality. This may just be an excuse for my horrible stamina but none the less, I now remember why I skipped out on so much track practice!
On Friday morning after comp study we got a call from our zone leaders asking where we were. I didn't remember any kind of meeting we were supposed to be to so I asked what they were talking about. APPARENTLY they sent out a text at 9:30 that morning that the whole mission was to meet together that same morning at 10:10 for a special meeting. Guess who didn't get that text? Us.
Guess who was speaking at the special meeting? President Russell M Nelson! So the meeting was starting at 10:30 and the Zone Leaders called us at 10:25. And I was NOT going to be late for a meeting with the next potential prophet, right? Sister Burke and I have never ran so fast in our entire lives and we made it right before the opening song. My comp and I did a secret high five and enjoyed the presence of an apostle. It was awesome!  He just decided to meet with our mission for no apparent reason. I honestly thought he was going to announce the second coming or rebuke us but he just felt like he should come talk to us and I'm so glad he did! He gave a message on our purpose as missionaries and it was so inspired! I love this mission so much.
We were able to find 7 new investigators this week because there was a massive Doterra convention here this past week. This whole square smelled like essential oils. It was pretty great. It was like the largest convention in SLC ever.  There were plenty of hippy mormon moms running around along with a ton of non members too. We took sooo many tours and found some who are prepared for the gospel so we are excited to start teaching them.
I know this church is true!

-Sister Leavitt

Accidental matchy match

My district minus Sister Rajah

Wait,  this Asian man is grabbing my hand...

OK. We'll go with it!

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