Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Yeah hello,
how is everyone? Good good good good.
This week was awesome we had district activity and it including two of my favorite things: food and my district. It was a good time. I wore my tiger onesie. Gained some respect. We only have one more district meeting before the end of the transfer and I am real sad about it. I wrote to President this week and told him of the urgency that Sister Burke and I must stay together cause we were only together for 5 weeks and thats not enough okay?! I was more professional than that though.

This week we met Linda K Burton in the secret tunnels and Tad R Callister at the Lion House promptly after a member paid for us so yeah it was a good day! We saw him sit down fairly close to us and of course we wanted to approach him but we were panicking big time because we did not know how to address him we were like, "Is it just brother Callister? Is it Elder Callister? or is it President Callister?!!" It was a real big concern. So finally, we decided not to approach him but on the way out the spirit prompted me to go back so I took all the courage I had and ended up just greeting him with a real big awkward "hiiiiiiiii....?" hahaha. He stood up and greeted us immediately so that was nice. Then I was able to tell him that his talk "The Blueprint of Christs Church" has changed my mission (which it has) and he said, "Thank you, I am glad." Also, he has heard of Logandale. WINNING! But as usual he was much more interested in talking to my cool foreign companion from Brisbane Australia. Its cool though, I'm not bitter. It was awesome! I mean this is not doctrine or anything but pretty dang sure he is going to be one of the now 3 new apostles. Calling it!
One of our investigators Kevin is so prepared and ready to be baptized but alas, he has a smoking addiction. Sister Burke thought of the idea that we will quit sugar if he quits smoking and lets just say we have not been living up to our end of the deal.  We may have to do some serious repenting and think of another alternative! Its not easy to quit something you love, I realize that now.
We have been getting some seriously mad antis coming through the Beehive House. They all seem to come out of hibernation right before conference and boy they are grumpy! We have learned that when they ask how many wives Brigham Young had that if we just put a massive smile on our face and confidently say "Over 50!" they get thrown off and don't know what to say. Confidence and a powerful testimony are key cause they can't argue with that.

"It would be difficult to imagine anything more exciting to do as a young man, woman, or couple in the world today than to be a full-time missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The message of the restored gospel we share is absolutely vital. It is from God our Eternal Father for every one of His children on earth and is centered in His Beloved Son, Jesus Christ. When that message is understood and lived, it can replace turmoil with peace, sorrow with happiness and provide solutions to life’s persistent challenges."-Richard G Scott
Love you all.
-Sister Leavitt

District Activity :)

I spy Tad R Callister eating at the lion house.  Look at my companion being low key ninja.

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