Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Hi there!

So, let's talk about how Elder Quinton L. Cook low key showed up to our sacrament meeting on Sunday and blessed the entire mission! Wow! These are his words, "I evoke a blessing that you will have some sense of the work you are doing." I thought that was powerful and it really hit me hard and made me take a step back to realize that this is the culminating work in preparation for the second coming of our Savior. Does that happen anywhere else? I am definitely not in Hayward 1st anymore. I felt bad for the sisters that had to talk that day. He came unannounced so that added all the extra pressure. They handled it well though! I guess it was better than knowing he was coming and stressing out about it!
I had 3 more exchanges this week after Sister Li on Monday. I had Sister Wong from Hong Kong on Wednesday, Sister Piutau from Tonga/SoCal on Friday, and then Sister Nguyen (my zone leader) from Vietnam yesterday. They have been so much fun, honestly. I am loving getting to know all these Sisters. My companion has been a champ too! I remember back in my third transfer I was the district leaders companion and it was not easy going on all those exchanges but she is a good sport about it. I was a wee bit scared for the exchange yesterday cause Sister Nguyen is nothing less than intimidating. Turns out she has a funny side though and we got along surprisingly well. We were at Beehive House like all day yesterday cause it was super busy because of Labor Day. I was able to get a bit of practice with knowing the details of that place this week so I am getting better :) This might sound strange but serving there has helped me gain a testimony about polygamy at the time and an even stronger appreciation for the pioneers and early church history. It is actually really interesting and quite incredible. I love it so far!

It has been good getting back into the swing of things here and it has still been fairly busy on the square with summer wrapping up.
To be honest we are having a bit of a drought when it comes to progressing investigators. It is always a little bit hard for sisters the transfer after they get back from outbound because we sort of have to start from scratch again and pick up the pieces that we left. We have plenty of people to teach, but they don't really want to keep commitments so it is kind of a bummer. We are praying for some miracles though and we know the Lord will bless us :)

Keep smiling y'all.

-Sister Loveitt

Baby Bon was happy to see me!

Sis Wong from Hong Kong

Secret tunnels ;)

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