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Wednesday, October 21,2015

Hey y'all
This week was tiring but still super duper. I did 5 exchanges with 5 different sisters in a week. It is a lot of fun but it can be exhausting cause you have to be on your A game all the time haha. I have some amazing sisters I get to serve with so it has been a good opportunity for me to learn from them. The sisters in my district are from Australia, Micronesia, California, South Africa, Wales, Argentina, and Switzerland. So yeah you could say this mission is diverse.
This morning Elder Holland came to visit our mission and 7am. We had to be there at 6:45. It was so worth it though. He shook all of our hands and he wanted to hear our names and where we are from. When it was my turn of course I said "I am sister Leavitt from Nevada" and he said with a smile on his face "Well welcome to Utah." Not even an apostle can give me a break haha. It was awesome, I loved it! He gave an incredible training on the importance of the Book of Mormon and how it is the keystone to our religion. His voice even got loud at some points. So intense! It was amazing. Yeah, I love this mission.
This past week there was a huge religious conference dealio thing here in Salt Lake. There were so many different peeps here from monks, to Hindus, vicious catholics, and Sikhs (my favorite they are so flipping nice!) So that was exciting to share with all these people the gospel of Jesus Christ. Even in the Beehive house was bumping all weekend and we were making it rain copies of the Book of Mormon (is that appropriate?) People who are open minded are always like "ahh yeah this makes sense". I'm just like "Yeah homie cause ITS TRUE." Being a missionary is awesome. I highly recommend it!
Fred is still getting baptized but his date has changed to November 1st by popular request of those in his ward. They weren't happy about the Halloween baptism apparently so they asked if he could change it. It makes more sense really. He is excited and so are all the people around him. He has been investigating the church since March when I met him so every one is super stoked for him.
Thats all for this week folks. Read the Book of Mormon every day. It will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!
Love you,
Sister Leavitt

My amazing Australian Comp, Sis Burke

Our district killed it at zone activity games

Throw back Thursday exchange #bonitt

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