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Si, this week was amazing and I can not and will not believe that my last conference here is over. It was sweet, I even guessed the color of the dresses right. I promise I did. I went to the Saturday morning sesh and the choir was wearing dark blue. I was hoping that session would be the one where they would announce the new apostles but no dice. It was an awesome session though. It is a blessing that we get to attend! I didn't see too many people I knew this time around. On Saturday, I saw Natalie. She was with a boy and she is beautiful! Then yes I did see Elder Llewelyn. Before I saw him he gave some sisters a note to give to me that said something like, "Just wanted to say hey! Your family, especially your dad, were so good to me on my mission. I am happy to hear you are serving!."  and then I was talking to some people like an hour later and he comes up to me and goes "do you remember me?" and I was like "uhhh you look familiar?" Then it clicked. We talked for a minute and it was cool. On Sunday I just saw a few missionaries from outbound and the Tagilala family so that was awesome. We will have to go as a family to visit that area some time and that family especially you would love them.
Sister Burke and I managed to talk to 1 out of the 10 non members that were at Temple Square on Sunday. She just moved to SLC a few weeks ago and came to check out T2. We told her what was going on and did begin teaching her and turns out shes pretty golden. She actually lives right next to us but we aren't allowed to tell her that so we plan to just meet on the square with her and her husband. Conference never ceases to bring miracles. I got to listen to a little bit of the Sunday morning session as well and it was amazing to hear from the new apostles. I'm not real familiar with Elder Stevenson or Renlund but hearing them speak you know they are very humble men called of God. I love our dear prophet! It was so good to hear from him. At the funeral last week it was so sweet to see President Utchdorf and Erying by his side whenever he made the slightest movement or sign of stumbling. Let us all remember to keep him in our prayers as his health is...not the best.
At 7:30 on Sunday, after the craziness, the Piano Guys came and did a performance for us. One of the Sisters here was outbound companions with Jon Schmits daughter so she got the hook ups for us. The rest of his family performed too it was a good time.

So I am in the Beehive House again this transfer and my district and I were there together for the first time on Thursday night for closing shift. We close the Beehive at 8:15 and then have to wait a few minutes for security to come and close it. Anyways we wanted to do some exploring cause there is an attic up in the house that no one ever goes to. Long story short we were just exploring up there and all of a sudden we hear someone coming up the stairs. It was a young woman about my age dressed all in black and she just goes "what are you doing here?" "Are you new here?" I am SERIOUS okay... we saw what we are pretty sure was a ghost and she spoke to us!!! I am pretty sure it was 1 out of 57 of Brigham Youngs children! Ha! There were six sisters in total and we were all so scared. Sister Burke was finally like "hey we are closed you need to leave" and then she just bolts down the stairs and through the door but we never actually saw her leave. We told security and they said they have seen stuff like that too! The flipping house is over 160 years old of course its going to be sketch! So yeah Thursday nights if you could send an extra prayer my way that would be great.
Other than that every thing has been peachy. My new district is great! I am starting exchanges tomorrow with Sister Alliaud from Argentina. She knows my mom. (Sister Cardus)
I love you all. Take care and have a great week.
-Sister Leavitt
Saturday morning session

Sister Sami and I with the Tagilala sisters from outbound

Don't be jealous of my sweater

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