Saturday, November 21, 2015

Friday, November 20, 2015

This week went by way fast! They keep getting faster and faster. We
are getting mad prepped for Christmas coming up.  A week from today we
will be on Christmas schedule and the lights will be on! We had a
training from the mission department yesterday and they showed us the
two new Christmas videos. They are pretty sweet! The slogan dealio
this year is "A Savior is Born." It's going to change lives! They
bought out the main YouTube banner for when it comes out next week
with a direct link to talk to us missionaries. I remember when they
did this last year. The chat was blowing up with people who weren't
anti so that will be a nice change hopefully 🙏🏼

We had mission leadership council for district and zone leaders on
Monday and for just zone leaders on Wednesday. President and Sister
Poulsen are ending their mission the same time as me so to end with a
bang we made a goal as a mission to get 900 baptisms by the end of the
year for 2015. We are at 805 right now! We are doing a zone training
meeting tomorrow on getting the vision to baptize. We gots some good
stuff planned. Our mission can do it for sure! Our training is
supposed to be like 2 hours so we delegated a little to the district
leaders cause I would probably fall asleep myself listening to me
that long.

When we first met as a zone last Saturday to break the ice sister
Mahoney and I showed them our elf yourself video we made and yeah
we've gotten a ton of respect since then hahah. I just got back from
zone activity. It was awesome cause we have a senior couple in our zone
that made tasty food for us and they're a ton of fun. Our zone is

On Wednesday we went to Savior of the world as a zone and it was
sweet! It's a musical play thing that they do in the conference center
theater every year during Christmas time.I watched it last year too
but I think I fell asleep cause I don't remember it being that good.
It really gave me a better vision for the whole story of Christ's
birth including Zachariah and Elizabeth. I was like mind blown. It's
funny how I grew up in the church and have been on my mission for a
minute now and sometimes I still feel like I know nothing haha. I do
know this church is true though so I have been going with that and it
has worked pretty well as I learn along the way :)

I think that's all for today, love you all.

Sister Leavitt

He plays Hyrum in The Restoration. He is super nice!

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