Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Hola Familia
I hope every one had a good Halloween! Mine was awesome! We closed the square at 5 and had dinner together as a mission. Then we all did a Temple session together like last year. It is always such an amazing experience to see all my fellow sisters dressed in white in the Temple. It just made me reflect on how much more I want to keep my Temple covenants so I can be with all of them again someday. It really did feel like a little piece of heaven, definitely an incredible time.
FRED LAZO GOT BAPTIZED. Hallelujah God is good, he has been an investigator for some time now. This entire transfer Sister Burke and I have been reading the Book of Mormon with him and that honestly made sooo much difference in him finally deciding. He got baptized with another guy who only was investigating the church for a few months. We got to skype it and it was so good seeing him again. He was just beaming and so happy and kept saying "I couldn't have done it without ya." He is an absolute gem. The Book of Mormon truly is the most powerful tool for conversion. He's awesome! He already has a calling as a family history dude and every thing. I met him when I was with Sister Yunda and we are both just so so happy!
This week makes week six, so I with find out the fate of my life on Monday and I'll let you know if my PDay changes.
District activity was fun. We went to go buy seven pizzas at Little Ceasars and then a member came out of no where and said "I got this one sisters." #PERKSOFSERVINGINUTAH. Seriously the members here are saints! I don't get to work with them much but they are always so sweet and generous. Definitely didn't get much of that in Oakland haha. We just ate and shared miracles tonight. It was a good time. Three of the sisters in my district are going outbound. Sister Kaiser is going to San Diego, Sister Mtyobile is going to Oregon, and my dear baby Bon child is going to New Jersey. I am genuinely afraid she is going to get lost in the airport and end up somewhere down in South America. There are a total of 32 sisters going outbound! I have not seen that many go out my whole mission but its because they only sent 4 last transfer cause it was still busy season but its slowing down a little bit.
Thanks for your support and prayers. I think I have said this before but I love my mission! Read the Book of Mormon every day, alright? K thanks. 
Love you,
Sister Leavitt

District activity

We are not normal!

Baby Bon cut her own bangs. Say hello to Lloyd Christmas!

All bundled up cause its getting cold!

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