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Monday, June 29, 2015

So much has happened since the last time we talked I cant believe it! Shortly after I got done emailing last Monday we got a call from President Meredith asking if I would be willing to go back to the Visitors Center cause there was an emergency transfer. Long story short some sisters be cray. Not me of course :) I said "I'll go where you want me to go, dear President" and low and behold Sister Erin Leavitt was destined to be a visitors center Sister Missionary even in her outbound. On Wednesday afternoon I said goodbye to Alamo 1st and second ward and hello to Hayward 1st ward. I am here at the VC only half days 4 days a week and I love it! I got transferred to downtown Hayward. It's the best I love my new area. There are so many interesting people to talk to and there are people that are actually out ad about. My new companion is Sister Tshibola from Congo!!!! She's one of the most hilarious and Christ like people I have ever met. This is a companionship made in heaven for sure we are having so much fun and teaching like crazy. She likes to get out and work just as much as I do so it works well. She is constantly messing with me though that's the only problem, haha but I can deal!
My recent convert Mary lives in Oakland area so I called her as soon as I could and told her to stop by the visitors center to see me sometime. We met up on Friday afternoon and it was a beautiful moment when I saw her walk in the visitors center :) She was on her way to work so we didn't have much time and we didn't even get a picture but she is going to come back and visit me a lot! It was so incredible to meet her! She has been less active for a couple months because of her work but we were able to have a short lesson about it and she attended church in Oakland yesterday! I love being back in the VC and serving on Temple grounds again. It's the greatest thing ever and the sisters here are amazing too. Sure its kind of a bummer I did not get much of the "full proselyting" experience but I might go back to that next transfer, who knows. I am just praying that I stay with Sister Tshibola the rest of the time I'm here. Seriously, its the best! We had a Luau ward party yesterday and I ate some of the best Polynesian food in my life. The members are super Polynesian and fun. The bishop is Samoan and so is like half the ward. Mary actually lived in this ward for a bit so they know her. Such a small world for sure.
We actually got a new mission President today. His name is President Frandsen and he's from Utah. That's about all I know about that but it should be good.
The house sounds like its going insane in the membrane with everything going on. The other night I had a mini heart attack when I realized Aust only has about 2 weeks left until he leaves. That's so unreal! I'm so proud it makes me cry. How it is possible to only have 3 kids at home though?? That is not the Leavitt family. We are getting old and its weird. I'm not sure if I like it.
I'm doing great here and definitely feel blessed to be where I am at. I love you all and miss you. Take care!
Sister Erin Celeste Leavitt

My new comp. Sister Tshibola from Congo!...and the elders...
Some ward members of Hayward first at the ward luau!

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