Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Monday, July 20, 2015

I'm good too! I was on a bit of an emotional roller coaster myself on Wednesday thinking about Austin! It's unbelievable to me how they let such a young lad into the missionary training center. I am super proud of him though and I know he is very prepared. He's probably AP of the MTC by now. That's crazy you had to go back like 11 months later and drop off another child! At least you have a couple year break from that fun until Linds ;)

Anyways, my week was a good one. We are keepin busy between our area and the VC. I enjoy the vc here but sometimes miss the big scale of T2. Hayward 1st is the best though I am really loving it here. We had 2 investigators at church yesterday Rosa and Michael. Rosa is from El Salvador and she is living with her cousin Paola who is a less active member in the ward. We met her while visiting less actives my first week here. Those two have become our good friends and they are both really progressing in the gospel. We plan to invite Rosa to be baptized tonight! The other investigator is Michael. He has been to church four times now an is progressing pretty well. A few days ago we invited him to be baptized and he gave us a nah because he has some problems with the word of wisdom. We made a plan for him and we asked if he would fast with us and we are still waiting for his answer. Yesterday, after church, we went to stop by and check how he was doing. Well, he was smoking in the back yard and when he found out we were there he panicked big time and tried to smoke it really fast. I think he inhaled something or broke a lung! He came out to greet us a huge sweaty coughing mess. He was trying to act natural but it was just not working. I was honestly concerned for his life. Anyways, we rebuked him in a loving way and said we would be back. Soo we will go back today and hopefully we will not have to witness an episode like that again.

I don't know if I told you but I have been driving the whole time I've been in Hayward. Pray for me. California drivers show no mercy on you whatsoever and they are just all downright mean! My companion and I have become really familiar with the phrase "God....your children...." 

Yes, Elder Gubler is from hurricane so he's probably related to Lisa! I would ask him but he got transferred!

We are staying busy here and fasting and praying for a baptismal date soon. We know The Lord will bless us :) I'm grateful for all of your prayers. Love you!

Sister Leav
A kind Samoan member gave us all this food :0

I love Sister Tshibola!

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