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Monday, July 6, 2015


Sounds like everything is going good and crazy as ever. Hope everyone had a happy forth. This week was great in Hayward! I feel like I was just starting to remember the families in Alamo and then I got transferred so I am starting over again. I love it here the people are super nice and friendly we get fed too much! Polynesian food is so bomb though. I really wish I was Polynesian. They are fun, they know how to cook, they sing like beasts, and just everything. We have been street contacting a lot which I love so much. My companion gets upset cause I always contact people who look the most unstable and sketch. They are the most fun to talk to and they give me a good laugh. God has some funny children. For example on 4th of July we were just BBQ hopping to all the parks and we walked by a Sikh Temple. There were like 4 Sikh priests just chillin outside of it so I went to go talk to them. My companion was scared and she would not follow me cause honestly they do look a little scary with their turbans and hecka long beards cause they never cut their hair but they were SUPER nice. They invited us into their temple so of course I accepted. My comp was super hasty about the idea but I trusted them. We had to take off our shoes and wear a bandanna thing. It was like a Sikh visitors center! You could definitely tell the difference between our temple grounds and those though aka it was missing the spirit big time. We talked about our different beliefs and our common belief in God. It was way fun we are going to go back and baptize them. My companion is so funny I can't tell you how many times a day she says to me "You're not serious, right companion?" in a French accent. We get along really well but we are so similar that we know how to bug each other too its great :) Coincidentally my district leader asked if I would give a training on companionship unity tomorrow so we have been studying that and having fun with it. I am glad I don't get super nervous talking in front of people anymore. VC taught me not to worry about that for sure. There are only like 20 visitor center sisters in this mission so is way small compared to 200 but I still love being at vc. I am way more comfortable around sisters I can't even talk to elders because I'm so awkward now haha. We had a small 4th of July party on our balcony and I scared Sister Tshibola to death with the fire crackers so thanks for that mom. We broke open the glow sticks and I got some of the glow stick juice in my eye then the party was over haha. We met our new mission president on Wednesday and he reminds me a lot of Pres Poulsen. He was in the military and stuff so he don't mess around. It will be good for this mission though cause some people here are knuckle heads for lack of a better word. OOh, yesterday we saw a miracle! A man named Mario strolled into our church and said he was prompted to come by the spirit. Just straight up strolled in and demanded to be baptized pretty much. He is really religious and he is looking for truth and I said we have that for you sir. We were fasting yesterday for baptismal dates and we feel we will get 3 this week. Its real exciting! I hope and pray that I will stay here transfers are the day Aust goes to the MTC. I really think that I will stay. Everything is good here. I feel blessed to do this work! 

Sister leavitt 
Selfie with a Sykh!

 Sykh temple. Is this allowed? Not sure.

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