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Friday, September 5, 2014

HELLOOOOOO! I have officially been in the MTC for over a week but it feels like a little over a year haha I am not complaining though I absolutely love it. A lot has happened since last week but I think the biggest news I have to share is that Sister Rajah and I were called to be sister training leaders on sunday just 4 days after we got here. We got the list of girls on monday and we were so excited to meet them when they finally arrived on wednesday! There are 4 new sisters we are training all serving in Salem, Oregon. We love this calling so much and feel sooo blessed to be able to show them around. We act like we know what we are doing but we really dont since we have only been here for like 2 seconds ourselves. We love this calling though and feel so close to these sisters already.
Thanks so much for the delicious cookies, cinnamon rolls, candy, junk food......need I go on? They have become my main food group considering the food here is not the greatest/real gross haha it
makes me pretty sick. Salads and wraps all day every day for sister leavitt here. 
Anyways I want to share with you guys about our investigator. Her name is Alex and she is a really strong Christian and plays on the BYU golf team. She is a good friend of our teachers brother davies and he is the one that got her this job talking to the missionaries AKA she is a REAL investigator unlike most here. She is really stubborn but she wants to know more about "Gods truth" we are slowly but surely getting through to her and it is our last time teaching tonight so we are crossing our fingers hoping that she will commit to being baptized. Side note: brother davies is Mitt Romneys nephew apparently and has made a point to tell us that like 97887 times its really funny. He got a sweater vest from Mitt Romney for Christmas cool huh?  Of course we dont make fun of him behind his back because that is unchristlike! wink. haha but really I have incredible teachers I am being humbled every day realizing that I truly dont know a buttload of crap about the gospel. 
I love the MTC but the blankets are here are comparable to the ones the have in prisons and our room gets to about -8736 at night. So theres that tangent for ya.
Heres what my days consist of wake up at 6:15 (I forgot that time exsisted) go to breakfast and 7 I am in classes from about 7:40-10-40. I then get to embarrass myself in a variety of sports at gym. followed by more classes, daily planning, and zone teaching....and stuff. I love the sisters in my zone we get along a little too well. I have about a week and a half left here and I can not wait to be done role playing and being my mission at Temple Square. I see Elder Grow and Sister Leavitt (hanna) here all the time its nice to see some familiar faces. 
It is so great to be a missionary. This week has been one of the most rewarding I have had. I have been extremely humbled and blessed. My biggest blessing has been being the sister training leader to these new sisters (Sister Bush, Sister Gibson, Sister Smith, and Sister Rammel.) I am so grateful for all the support I am getting I hope we can keep in touch more during the week I am going to actually start writing letters and stuff cause once a week with one hour to email is just not enough! Just know that I am having an amazing time here and the MTC and that I love and miss you all very much. Keep in touch I love getting mail!! (typical missionary thing to say). Please forward this email to anyone who wants it I dont want to get any kind of wrath from family members. Cheers! I want to be a cool Australian!

                                                   -Sister Leavitt :)

 Sometimes we like to segregate into browns and whites :)
Our Sunday temple walk

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