Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Friday, September 12, 2014

    Wow I can not believe I am on my last week here. So much has happened this week and sadly I do not have a lot of time to report about it but I do get to email again on Tuesday and I intend on fully reporting then! 
     Like I said this week has been crazy! We had so say good bye to the amazing Elders in our district on Monday and send them off to Arkansas. We miss them already we are trying to get used to this whole "all sisters" thing in our new VC (visitors center) district. As a result of the freezing temperatures in our room I have received the influenza!! Funnn stuff haha. I missed my class on Tuesday morning but other than that I have been chugging that day quil and pressing forward. I am feeling a lot better today though thank goodness. Sister Rajah and I were asked to continue being sister training leaders and we were so happy about that. We got to meet our 4 lovely new sisters on Wednesday and they are soooo sweet. They are ASL sisters and one of them (Sister Garcia) is completely deaf in one ear and partially deaf in the other. She is the sweetest sister I have met here so far and has been such an inspiration to me. She literally gives THE BEST hugs. Ill I can do is say "thank you" and "I love you" in sign language and she laughs at me hahah. Aside from training we have started our VC training which is way fun and interesting. We spend a lot of time researching the "hot topics" in todays news regarding mormons such as homosexuality, women in the priesthood, and of course polygamy. We started working in the online referral center and its super fun. Like you know on lds.org how you can press "chat with us" thats the sister missionaries on the other end. We get some absolute weirdos but its funny! We are learning a lot about how we need to "love people" and now I know why. People have some strange insights but usually if we keep the spirit with us we can turn the chat conversation around and turn the focus on the Lord. 
    We took a tour of T2 yesterday and when someone asked me where I was from they informed me about the crazy flooding! I hope everyone is alive and safe and I will definitely keep the valley in my prayers. Is I-15 still closed down? It seems like that would be a serious problem, yeah? Keep me informed. Funny story: Sister Sughroue and Sister Vasi SWORE they saw President Uchtdorf on Tuesday so we all assumed that he was going to be the Tuesday evening devotional speaker, right? Wrong. We sat outside the gym for 2 hours to get good seats and he was not the speaker. Bummer......
      Well I wish I had more time but luckily I get to e-mail this Tuesday before I leave Wednesday morning (5:30 am!) I love you all and appreciate the support more than you know. 
                                                                                                    much love, Sister Leavitt<3

         We had to say goodbye to the Elders in our district
                  Sister Leavitt with Sister Hannah Leavitt
We pretended to be paparazzi cause he's Mitt Romneys nephew and all...he loves the attention!
               Our Mitt Romney pose with Bro. Davies
Our get up every night in our freezing rooms


Sister Rajah and I visiting T2

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