Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Monday, September 22, 2014

Dear friends and fam,
Hello! How art thou? Yes I have been here 5 days but I definitely do not have it down.Yes Mondays are my pdays and I get to email for 2 hours now instead of 1 so thats cool. Wow where do I begin. Wednesday was crazy long! Did you get the letter with the picture of my mission president, his wife, and I? Thank you so much for the package that was awesome! Lets try and send some healthy stuff soon so I dont come back a blimp pleaseee! haha. Wednesday morning everyone got matched up with their trainer. Everyone but me of course because my trainer Sister Cardus came back from her outbound in Texas that same day. I did not get to met her until like 7 at night so I was in a trio with 2 other sisters. Sister Cardus is from Argentina and speaks espanol! She has been on her mission for about a year. She is a really good missionary and really understands her purpose. She is teaching me a lot.  Everyone was telling me how funny she was before I met her and when I did meet her she was super shy but she has been opening up more and more every day. We have a lot of fun together and have been pretty successful so far. We got two investigators on our first night.....they spoke spanish so ill I could do was bear my testimony and have her translate but that was cool! We take spanish tours quite often though and even though I dont really know what they are saying I can still feel the spirit so strong. On Thursday I felt we should teach this old homeless man who was at the Christus. His name is John and he has had a tough life but has never lost his faith. He was baptized when he was 8 years old and because of the things he has done in his life he was excommunicated from the church. He has cadaracks (I dont know how to spell it) so he can not see very well. We love John and have continued to talk to him every day, because he has been excommunicated we can not teach him which is sad but we hope that he can get his life cleared up a little bit so he can come back to the church. There are a lot of homeless weirdies that come around here but we still love them. We talk to people from all over the world and right now we have one investigator in Leeds, England and one in Brazil. Its so great that we get to teach and communicate with them through the phone. We send the local missionaries to them and we all work together it is really amazing! So I did this thing on Saturday and Sunday where I did not eat anything but fruits and vegetables because I felt like my body needed a cleanse and by Sunday night I was SO SICK. I am not sure if that is why I was sick but my body was definitely not used to being so healthy so it was freaking out. Today I had Panda Express and I feel so much better. I guess the healthy life is not the life for me?! Like seriously its sad haha. I am sure the One Direction infection was too strong last week. I do not even want to imagine the hysteria. Is the depression still happening? So dumb. Haha anyways I hope everyone is doing well. All is well for me here I love being a missionary. The Sisters here and incredible and a little bit psycho so we get along. I am learning so much every day and my conversion is deepening. I am so grateful for you all I hope you have a wonderful week and will email again next Monday! Loves!!
                                                                         -Sister Leavitt <3
I forgot to mention that I will be serving at Welfare Square this transfer. I start tomorrow. It will be great!
I love Sister Rajah!

Its official now! Merica!

Sister Cardus and I after church :)

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